LaundryAssist Case Study-The Swiss Laundry, Navi, Mumbai
LaundryAssist Case Study-The Swiss Laundry, Navi, Mumbai
LaundryAssist Case Study-The Swiss Laundry, Navi, Mumbai

Premium ideals provided by a flourishing family

The Swiss Laundry are determined to fulfill their goal of providing the highest quality dry cleaning and laundry services to all major cities in India.
After The Swiss Laundry (TSL) introduced their premium service to the Mumbai marketplace in 2015, the team, proudly owned by Rising Enterprises Ltd, have established the operation to be one of the best facilities in the city.

TSL depend on the franchisee management and operatives abilities to produce the work and rely on their enthusiastic, close-knit teams to provide consitent high-levels of quality. They have a strong focus on providing staff with opportunities to develop within the business, however, when circumstances dictated a need to recruit an experienced General Manager for their central laundry in Navi, Mumbai, TSL and the management team at Rising Enterprise Ltd, called upon the help of NewGen to partner the search to help them find the right person for their facility.

A clean start with a great new job

Recruiting Managers can be hit and miss. Interviewer’s will have an insight to the personality type and management style they want, but may be unable to assess candidates’ technical abilities. Time served in a role is not always a reliable indication of skillset and you don’t have to look far in any industry to find examples of people with impressive CV’s but who lack the necessary skills required. The laundry industry suffers from this issue more than most, and after falling into the ‘experience equals ability’ trap before, Rising Enterprises had trust and confidence in NewGen’s expertise to find a succesful candidate via our Laundry Recruitment package.

It’s safe to say NewGen were indispensable during the whole recruitment process, delivering the complete package & more! Engaging them to deliver their solution was the best decision I could have made for my business.

Zulfikar Dhanse CEO, Rising Enterprises Ltd

Our specialist laundry recruitment service helps businesses make the right recruitment and selection decisions. It covers as much, or as little as needed, it can be as simple as accessing NewGen’s extensive laundry professionals’ database, or it can cover the entire recruitment process. For the General Manager position, TSL went with NewGen’s full service package, which covered the following elements:

  • Collaboration on the Job Description
  • Creation and placement of advertisements in relevant print publications and online media
  • All communication with applicants
  • Creation of initial shortlist and subsequent testing of candidates
  • Remote interviews of candidates who achieved required levels in the testing process
  • Creation of final shortlist
  • Joint interviewing of final candidates
  • Onboarding and creation of KPI scheme for the successful candidate

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