London 2012 Olympic Villages staff uniform
London 2012 Olympic Villages staff uniform

Getting set

With athletes’ villages in three separate sites in London, and one over 130 miles away on the South coast of England, the services each of these venues required included a mix of garments, linen and mats – the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics presented the NewGen team with logistical and organisational issues on an unparalleled scale.
With customer expectation levels so incredibly high, there was no scope to go wrong

David Stevens, NewGen

Overcoming the hurdles

All delivery drivers had to attain security clearance, to follow strict compliance regulations, all company branding was removed from vehicles and uniforms. In order to turnaround garments within 24 hour periods, and with wearer issue quantities up to five per person, production ran at an unprecedented two shifts per day, seven days a week across a number of NewGen’s partner processing sites. A demanding delivery schedule was also meticulously planned to coincide with customers’ requirements for clean items. Aside from challenging timescales, the NewGen team successfully co-ordinated booking, scanning and working closely with contacts at each of the sites. Our expertise came to the fore when we discovered that some of the garments provided by suppliers were not designed to cope with industrial laundry processing and required a bespoke wash program.

Into the final straight

The NewGen team helped organise over 36,000 garments being barcoded with a split of 77% being customer’s own items and the remaining 23% consisting of rented chefs wear.  Aided by the NewGen team, the figures which the processing laundries achieved were hugely impressive, including;

  • 174 deliveries of over 30 cages delivered per day (on three seperate vehicles, seven days per week)
  • Over 5,700 items washed and processed per day
  • 282,659 garments laundered in total (all within seven weeks)

In the spirit of 2012 Olympics, once the games were finished the NewGen team assisted Oxfam with the collection of the customers’ garments for redistribution to Africa, with the Chefswear garments being utilised for other customers around the UK.