Honda of the UK Manufacturing uniform laundry
Honda of the UK Manufacturing uniform laundry

A partnership of excellence

Providing laundry and garment consultancy solutions the NewGen team offered an unparalleled service to Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) in Swindon, Wiltshire in the UK for over 25 years. They continually demonstrated an attitude and work ethos that far exceeded the mere provision of laundry consultants.
NewGen’s team understood HUM’s expectations from day one. It is very difficult to attribute a value to our relationship – such is the extent of the benefit they brought to HUM and the added value its had on the business

Angela Webb, HUM Facilities Manager

Integration and understanding

NewGen played a pivotol role in working with Honda’s laundry provider to set up and establish a Facilities team based on-site at HUM, to essentially operate as an internal unit within HUM’s business. This allowed them, and the NewGen team, to provide a more responsive service and encouraged an unparalleled level of integration and understanding to truly support HUM’s business.

The team constantly assessed what could be done to make the service more efficient. In 2005, on the recommendation of the NewGen team, the laundry provider invested considerable time and money in a state of the art computer network to track and monitor all laundry items going through the system. This enabled HUM to have greater control over spend and stock levels on site.

  • Over 32,000 garments processed per week
  • Each garment individually barcoded and tracked throughout entire laundry life-cycle
  • 150,000 tonnes of uniform washed and delivered a week

NewGen and the Facilities team worked seemlessly together to tailor the service towards the changing needs of HUM’s business. This was highlighted in 2010 when they worked on garment specifications and improving wash quality by segregating uniforms by specific areas of the plant to make significant savings on time and resources for HUM.

It was not just responding quickly and effectively to challenges, NewGen reviewed the laundry providers processes to drive improvements and enhance efficiencies at HUM. It was a true partnership where honesty and integrity was the hallmark of the relationship. It was a very fair way of operating and something that should be strived for in every business partnership.