Uncover hidden savings, improve the quality of your operation and ensure your customers get the VIP treatment with our Dry Cleaning CPU Analysis service. Our detailed report covers specific processes across your entire valet operation with key findings to help you improve the efficiency of your facility, the quality of your products and save you money.

One of our expert technician’s will spend one to two days (or more if you need us) in your facility, our dry cleaning specialists then analyse the findings to produce a comprehensive report in which we assess over 200 specific elements across your operation, including:

  • Operational performance
  • Cleaning performance
  • Utility usage
  • Quality inspection
  • Pre & post spotting
  • Spotting quality
  • Chemical usage
  • Solvent usage
  • Product finishing standards
  • Capacity/scale
  • Training skills analysis
  • Workflow
  • Machine suitability
  • Staff structures
  • Shift patterns
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Health & safety
  • Packing & storage

It’s a long list, but once we’ve defined the results we present our findings and provide a detailed comprehensive record of suggestions and recommendations that, when implemented, can save you between 10% to 25% on your utility and staff costs, normally without any capital expenditure, whilst you experience the benefits of improved quality and efficiency.

  • Understand quality expectations
  • Operate to brand quality standards
  • Save on utility usage and solvent costs
  • Improve quality and output
  • Health & safety review
  • Review operating hours and working patterns
  • Improve staff skills training

Fee structure  

Not as much as you may expect! On average we charge a medium size CPU, processing between 200-300 garments a day, between $3-5K for our services. Normally this will deliver potential savings in Year One in the range of 10 times your investment, however, we have seen savings of up to, and exceeding, a 100 times this.

  • Substantial savings against your investment
  • Immediate savings & quality improvement