LaundryAssist Uniform & Garment Solutions

Getting a uniform service right is more than just a question of fashion and form. Our garment support service guides you through the options available to help you choose the right solution for your business.

Making sure things are right at the start can make a significant difference to the life and success of your garments. For instance, it can make more financial sense to spend extra on a more expensive shirt – but one that can be steam finished, meaning significant cost savings would be made over the life of the garment.

What is the service?

We find out how you want to manage your uniform service. This normally begins with a comprehensive review of your garment’s specifications and processing arrangements.

We start by looking at the primary features you require from your uniform and garments. This includes a range of aspects such as image, PPE, durability, size ranges and performance. We have established relationships with manufacturers so can advise on the specifications most appropriate for your needs.

Here we look at how you intend to tender the manufacture of the garments. At this stage we also determine whether you should asset manage the garments (ie. RFID or barcode etc).

The next stage is agreeing how and who is going to process the uniforms and to what standard. We also consider the most suitable distribution systems which work for you – which range from storage lockers and stock rooms, to fully automated rail systems.

Maintain your company’s brand image

Maximise efficiency and garment life cycle expectancy 

Asset manage solutions

Use the best wash processes

Choose the most suitable distribution systems

We’ve been designing uniform solutions for over 30 years, we know the market and use our skills and experience to offer support with the design, testing and manufacturing to offer the best care solutions for the entire life cycle of your garments.


Fee structure  

The costs involved for this service vary from one project to another and are based on the scope of your individual requirements.