There are a myriad of pitfalls when purchasing specialist equipment such as laundry machinery. Often there is little resource within hotels or businesses qualified to assess the requirements and sign-off the commissioning process.

Unfortunatly, many important key factors are given little consideration, including: Total cost of ownership – inc. utility consumption, you will spend far more on the utilities that run a washing machine or tumble dryer than the cost of purchase, so a small energy saving per cycle easily justifies a increase in initial cost. Other considerations include; are basic spare parts held in stock in the region? Will machinery be able to cope with changes to linen specifications? Is equipment load balanced? Has a review of requirements and capacity been carried out?

Whilst details of the procurement processes differ dependent on each laundry’s requirements, a typical tendering process follows these stages:

Stage 1 – What do you need?

We look at the requirements of your business, covering:

  • Machine capacity
  • Outputs (eg. cycle times, quality standards, fold types)
  • Water & energy consumption
  • Safety
  • Working environment impact
  • Flexibility of function
  • Warranty periods
  • Local availability of critical spare parts
  • SLA’s on support and maintenance

Stage 2 – What can you get?

Review and score tender submissions, usually allowing for up to three review cycles allowing manufacturers to amend proposals in response to our feedback.

Stage 3 – Getting what you paid for!

The critical stage. Our team conduct full testing and sign-off installation of all equipment against the performance criteria created in stage one.

It’s clear that oversights at the procurement stage can substantially affect a laundry operation for the next ten years of its life

Andrew Glassford Director, NewGen

Spend money in the right place and get the right laundry equipment for your business

We work with manufacturers and ask the right questions so you get the best solutions

Find out where improvements can be made and start to reap the benefits

Use our expertise to help you save time, money and unnecessary stress

Fee structure  

We start with a basic fee of $2,000, from which you recieve an comprehensive document detailing our recommendations. We then quote a fixed number of days based on the project scope.