LaundryAssist Linen Procurement
LaundryAssist Linen Procurement

We’ve spent a lot of time helping Laundry Manager’s process linen to meet their exact quality standards. However, this only happens successfully if the linen is procured and managed with the laundry process in mind.

Making sure things are right at the start can make a significant difference to the life and success of your linen. For instance, making the right fabric choice can save upto 50% on drying costs. Often we see brand new linen that doesn’t meet the buying specifications, or worse still, does not launder to the hotel’s brand standards.

What is the service?

We start by looking at the specifications you are currently using, how it is currently being processed in the laundry and then make recommendations accordingly. Our range of services include:

  • Writing comprehensive fabric specifications for your product range
  • Creating detailed CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) specifications
  • Writing performance criteria for finished products
  • Helping create and review linen tenders
  • Auditing the mill, prior to and during, the manufacture
  • Testing finished products for conformity to specification
  • Writing processing procedures for the laundry
  • Designing de-sizing programmes for new stock
  • Looking at end-of-life-cycle criteria for products
  • Review asset management options (RFID)
  • Auditing your laundry solution

Discover if your linen and towels are being made to specification

Know the true life-cycle expectancy of your products

Find out if your procurement team has the right technical experience in purchasing linen and towelling

Use our expertise to provide linen products that will impress your guests time after time and give you unprecendented consistency, reliability and longevity

Fee structure  

We start with a basic fee of $1,000, from this you recieve an exhaustive document. Payback can often be experienced within weeks with elementary benefits, through to multi-million dollar brand procurement projects. For these we quote a fixed number of days based on the requirements and scope of the venture.