LaundryAssist Laundry Consultancy

We have the expertise and credibility to provide comprehensive offerings and solutions to the whole laundry and dry cleaning industry, from large multi-chain specifications to smaller individual assistance.

Whatever level of support you require, our range of specialist consultancy services will help you positively impact upon your business and ensure you create, and maintain, a successful laundry or dry cleaning facility.

What can LaundryAssist offer?

Whether you’re operating a dry cleaners, central processing unit (CPU), a small one tonne on-premise laundry (OPL), or running a 100 tonne commercial laundry, having access to our knowledge and expertise can really make a difference to the quality and efficiency of your operation.

Whatever issue you’re experiencing or particular challenge facing your business, we have almost certainly seen it before – we know the options available, we can recommend the best solutions and have the experience to implement them all. Our range of services is comprehensive, however we find that most projects tend to focus in the following areas:

  • Facility design and layout workflow
  • ISO audits and certifications
  • Key performance management schemes
  • Staff bonus schemes
  • Machinery and equipment procurement
  • Business planning & budget management
  • Utility management
  • Asset management

From one generation to another, laundry is in our blood. We’ve been successfully providing laundry solutions to the hospitality industry since 1918. Our offer is as simple or as complex as your needs – from fine tuning existing laundry’s to the design and build of a brand new facilities, and providing all of the required elements to establish and maintain it successfully.

Within this all encompassing end-to-end offering, we’ll help you identify which particular element best serves your needs – there’s never been a better time to talk laundry! 


Fee structure  

The fees of our bespoke consultancy are just that – bespoke – so the costs involved vary from one project to another and are based on the scope of your individual requirements. Get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do for you.