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Laundry Analysis Follow Up
LaundryAssist Laundry Analysis Follow Up
Having had your Laundry or Dry Cleaning Analysis, many customers need a helping hand to deliver and maintain the significant savings and benefits that have been highlighted. How much you want, and for how long, is completely up to you – that’s why we have a range of support designed for your individual requirements.

What type of support is available?

You may just need one of our Technicians to spend a few days with your Laundry Manager to write up an Action Plan and make sure your Management Team have a full understanding of what needs to happen (it’s often advisable to schedule in a follow-up day, a few months downstream, to tick off any remaining issues), more often though, there is more tangible support required and this may range from a variety of elements, such as:

  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning training from Managers to Operators
  • Setting up of pictorial operating guidelines
  • Creating a clear measurable KPI monitoring system using our simple input spreadsheets
  • Agree quality standards for the laundry in liaison with hotel’s brand requirements
  • Offer a trouble shooting service (eg. Discover why certain staining issues have arisen or why towels are not as soft as they used to be)
  • Deliver the savings initially identified
  • The procurement of new machinery and/or equipment

Whatever solution you decide we recommend that during the first year we conduct a minimum of two audits to monitor and motivate the team to deliver the savings.

We recommend a further full Laundry or Dry Cleaning Analysis 12 months after your first where you can evidence and recognise the improvements made.

If you really want the numbers to be accurate, we recommend that our Finance team sit down with your Finance department to create a laundry Profit & Loss, however, you will often need to make a small investment in Meters so that you can measure the utilities being consumed but the paybacks can be seen in weeks.

Fee structure  

We would normally charge a one-off fee to install, set up and train your team in the procedures and systems followed by an annual maintenance charge based on the ongoing solution you have chosen.