Laundry and Climbing. Not normally two things that sit beside each other – but both, for one reason or another, that we happen to know quite a lot about. You could say laundry is in our blood (being borne into a third generation family owned laundry company we didn’t have much choice!), and a life spent exploring and continually seeking excitement has created a passion for climbing and adventure activities.

Laundry is one of the oldest tasks of civilised life, it’s a necessity and we love it, but we know it’s not that exciting (though some of us here have an unhealthy interest in laundry’s inner workings) – but what’s life without a little adventure? This is where our interest for excitement, fun and thrills comes in.

Whether it’s manufacturers, suppliers or operators – be it laundry, hotel chain, school or activity centre – we’ve been working closely with some of the biggest and best in the business in the hospitality and leisure industry for longer than some of us like to admit. We understand both markets intimately and have developed a range of solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of the marketplace. With offices in Dubai and the UK, NewGen has grown to become the most comprehensive specialist consultancy company in our region.

Our knowledge and expertise has matured over time to become something rather special. We’re immensely proud of our UK heritage and success (more on this below), but today our focus is on the future, new markets, opportunities and new ways of doing what we do best and we bring all these attributes together under our LaundryAssist and VentureActive offerings.

Our History

Heritage, experience and legacy all at your service.

NewGen was originally part of Paragon Laundry. Established in 1918, and third generation family owned, Paragon boasted some of the greatest experience and expertise in the laundry industry. Spearheaded by twin brothers, Robert and David Stevens (great-grandson’s of one of the company’s founders) in the mid-1990’s, the business grew to become one of largest independent commercial laundries in the UK and worked with a host of blue chip multi-national hotel, leisure and manufacturing companies.

You can find out much more on Paragon’s long, successful and surprisingly varied history including all of their laundry operations, dry cleaning shops and even their motor division here.

Ventures into emerging new markets, notably the Middle East, bore fruit in the form of Paragon’s international hospitality consultancy service, called NewGen, and the MENA region quickly became a home from home in 2005. With management projects and consultancy work in countries including Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, we decided the time was right to set up base for our overseas operations and quickly settled in the bustling metropolis that is Dubai.

Following the sale of Paragon and all its UK laundry operations, in late 2015, NewGen seperated to become a completely independent company, and today, under the watchful stewardship of Robert and David, concentrates on offering its specialist consultancy services to businesses across the UK, Asia and MENA region. 

As part of the sale, Paragon’s shareholders retained pension and property management duties for a number of residential and commercial properties located across Wales, the Midlands and the South of England – including all of the current and former laundries. Today this is maintained by our Stevens Family Property business based at our NewGen UK head office. 

The twin brothers have never been ones to rest on their laurels, a youth spent partaking in outdoor pursuits has ensured they continue to seek out all things exciting and a desire to continually push onwards (or upwards!) and find new ways of testing themselves – culminating in discovering a love for all things climbing and adventure activities. They have been at the forefront of climbing innovation for over 20 years now, running The Warehouse – an indoor climbing and caving centre, and nationwide mobile adventure activities in the UK since 1994. Under our latest offering, VentureActive, we’ve widened the scope of our expertise to provide specialist consultancy services based on these adventurous tendencies to leisure businesses and education centres.

We’ve always been passionate about providing a legacy for the next generation, and another notable foray into adventure activities for the brothers include the creation and organisation of the UK’s largest and most popular annual Scouting and Guiding festival which ran for over 30 years. 

Whether it be knee-deep in laundry, at the top of a climbing wall or midway through a midnight cross-country run, we have a proven passion for what we do!